www.trustos.org is not part of an organization, religion, cult or any company. There is only one ordinary person responsible for the page, me, who prefers to stay anonymous - because I feel that it is not about me but about the idea.

I had the idea to create a platform, to reward others for "human behavior": The magical moments we all know when someone does more than expected or is able to jump across her/his own mental restriction, reflexes or prejudice to reach out....I came up with the name "trustos" to reflect these magical moments and I try to explain it as a "currency".

I have no intention to use www.trustos.org to make money or to become famous. I would even invite you to replicate that idea and start your own project like this.....because it is only about the idea and to make the idea viral. Projects like this already exist - for example when a teacher gives "reward" points to a student for exceptional behavior etc.

www.trustos.org is not about creating a virtual environment to connect to people - a site where people can or should meet in the virtual space - but instead to use the REAL WORLD interactions between human beings and to reward that behavior by offering to give "trustos" and invite others to open an account at www.trustos.org. The idea is for everybody, who registered, to see a map of the world filled with a network of humans who owned "trustos" - a visual representation.

In a world where it is so easy to google the people with power and money, it seems charming to me that we offer a world map where you can find people who own '"trust". I am not against capitalism or being successful but I feel that in times of increasing turmoil in this world, a world which seems to be dominated by material values, we all would benefit from engaging and investing in a different value system as a balance.

I know that privacy is an important issue and therefore you can choose what you want to share with the community about yourself. It could be close to nothing - all which is mandatory is the location (town/country) and the level of "being famous". Makes sense, since giving "trustos" to a celebrity should be less valuable then giving "trustos" to a ordinary person. It should be more valuable to give "trustos" to a human far away than to a person you know better, since living close. Other information when signing, such as "Religion", "Profession", "Language" and "Ethnicity", are all optional. These parameters will determine a factor by which the amount of "trustos" you give will be decreased or increased. It can be adjusted to real problems, like conflicts in this world.

The only power I have is the ability to change the algorithm - which is however visible to all those who are signed up at any time. Any change of the algorithm will be shared by me and any suggestion and comment is appreciated.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you can sign up with fake information (name or even location) even though it would be against the spirit of the page and then you might as well not sign up.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Hereby, I want to invite YOU to join www.trustos.org - it is free - it might be a 'crazy' idea but the goal is simple: Inspiring TRUST in each other around the world.

Once signed up, YOU can invite anybody in REAL LIFE by e-mail to join and give that person "trust".

"The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope."
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin