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This is not about ME - it is about YOU! That means: To be part of the TRUSTOS community is to give away TRUSTOS to other members.
You can find other members by name and/or e-mail and/or their unique TRUSTOS ID number which everybody obtains when signing up. By giving away TRUSTOS to others, you can participate in creating a network of trust in this world. You can see the accumulation of TRUSTOS on the world map.
Every member will automatically get 1000 TRUSTOS every day. They cannot accumulate and will disappear at the end of the day, if not spent. You can spend a minimum of 100 TRUSTOS at once. Note, you can send no more than 1000 Trustos per week to the same person.
When you sign up, you will be asked for certain information. The most critical and mandatory information is your geographic location and the degree of recognition (‘being famous’). All other information are optional. Based on the TRUSTOS algorithm, the value of TRUSTOS you give away will be multiplied or reduced. The algorithm can be changed based on many different factors, for example the political situation or conflicts between countries or cultures. The specifics of the algorithm are visible on TRUSTOS at all times and all members will be informed by e-mail of any change.
The further away the recipient of your TRUSTOS is located geographically, the more value it will be. The more famous the recipient of your TRUSTOS is, the less value it will be. Other factors exist as well, such as religion. In this case, if a Christian gives TRUSTOS to a Muslim or if a Jew gives TRUSTOS to a Muslim and vice versa, the value will be multiplied. The specifics will be posted on TRUSTOS at all times and any change will be communicated by e-mail to the TRUSTOS members.
Any member who receives TRUSTOS must manually accept them before they will be transferred to the member account. You have three days to accept them - otherwise they will be deleted.
Only the location of the Town/Country and the level of degree of recognition (‘being famous’) is mandatory. All other more specific geographic information as well as the information about job, religion and ethnicity are optional. The more information you are willing to share, the more specific the TRUSTOS algorithm will work. Your information will not be shared for any other purpose than outlined in these rules.
TRUSTOS is not a start up to make money or to capitalize on later. This is a social, non-profit idea to increase integrity and humanity and try to measure trust in this world. The intention is to define a new currency in balance to materialistic currencies and to be transparent and simple, but viral. The TRUSTOS team reserves the right to change the algorithm and to exclude members if they violate the rules or common sense of the TRUSTOS idea at any time.
On the TRUSTOS map you can see where TRUSTOS is located in this world. Clicking a pinpoint will show you who that person is, how many Trustos they have and you have the ability to send them Trustos. You can also look for friends and colleagues using a name, email or their Trustos ID. If they are not a member, you can invite them. Be sure to share inspirational stories on TRUSTOS. TRUSTOS has no intention in sharing emails and does not provide the means to contact others by providing email addresses on TRUSTOS per se. The TRUSTOS interactions are based on 'real life' encounters. You are at all times under control of your privacy.
If you like the idea that TRUST is a counterbalance to the material values which seems so dominant today and want to help promote TRUST as a way to make our world a better place by strengthening integrity and humanity, please join TRUSTOS … and invite others to join!